Wednesday, September 20, 2006

When Negative is Positive.

Today we had our beautiful daughter Yaida tested for HIV/AIDS. She had never been tested before as she was to little while in the orphanage. If you haven't doen so, read the blog posting "The Transformation" or go to the following link: The Transformation
After reading the transformation story of Yaida, you know that we are 100% certain of her place in our hearts, in our family.
In the past months the possability of her being HIV positive has been on our minds a lot, yet we did not want her tested. We acted on obedience to God when adopting specifically her and we wanted to love her with all our hearts before testing her, to ensure that wether she would test positive or negative we would love and treat her the same as she was given into our care by God himself.
Needless to say that today was a big day. After the doctor withdrew some blood we had to wait for a good hour... what an hour. Though confident that no matter the outcome Yaida's life is in God's hands we were a bit anxious to find out.
When opening the envelope with the test results I felt somewhat the way people must feel in those odd talkshows on TV where the people are about to find out who fathers the child, or if they have a particular desease... So when we read NEGATIVE for HIV/AIDS we were sooooo relieved! Thank you Lord for keeping our baby protected!
The doctor we had seen earlier that morning for vaccinations approached us in the hallway with a "And.....?" look on his face. As we shared the results he too was excited.
Our staff was cheering when they heard the good news and Isabelle, who helps us with the kids and in the house, cried tears of happiness while giving us big hugs.
Seeing the response coming from people who have lost loved ones as a result of Aids makes me realize more and more the blessing of Yaida's health and God's protection over her. We are so blessed! Thank you God!


Jeannette said...

What a great God we have!

The Haines Family said...

Praise God, I've got tears myself! Hugs to all,

Kendra said...

Thanks be to God for protecting Yaida! I'm so happy to here about the negative results!

mam said...

Wow! Great.

Love you all.
See you within a short time.

Kendra said...

Wow! It's amazing! Considering the high rate of aids in Africa, and the situation that Yaida was found in, there was a good chance the results would go the other way.
Thank god they didn't! Congrats on the great news! Luv ya all!

Eric & Kyla said...

Praise God, she has a bigger destiny to fulfill! Cant' wait to see what it is!

The Corbin Family said...

We are so happy for you all! You are awesome parents and I know you love all your girls! This will mean a lot to Yaida when she is old enough to understand the time you waited to help your love grow even stronger. GOD IS SO GOOD! Praise Him for every good thing!
Love Michelle

Sue B said...

WOW That is awesome news!!!
I am so happy for all. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
Love Sue

Anonymous said...

We are praising God for his faithfulness. What a scary wait to get the results. I would have lost some sleep on that one. Having held that lil bundle of joy in my own arms, I too am overjoyed with your news. PRAISE HIM.

Mary said...

What wonderful news! Thanks for sharing! Love Mary