Saturday, September 30, 2006

Doctor Zoey

Zoey found this enourmous grasshopper on our veranda. Sadly enough she noticed his one leg had fallen off. She found the leg and though of at least a dozen ways to fix the poor thing.
She ripped a piece of tape off a roll and stuck the grasshoppers leg to it.
"He's almost fixed mom", she said while attempting to give the grasshopper his ability to have all legs functioning back...
Crazy Zo...
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Anonymous said...

Dear Astrid,
You don't know me, but I have read your blog since reading Melody's.
So now I read what your family is going through. I will pray for your safety in Rwanda. I am impressed in your care esp. the blogs when you visit the orphanages. Your daughters are learning more about God then I think they would be able to here in the states. Thanks for sharing ;your story on the web.
Lynne Ross
P.s. As a mom, I was really impressed when I saw the barbie doll house you made. My daughter want's the one at Target, but I am going to show her yours. ha.ha.

Eric & Kyla said...

A doctor or nurse in the making?

Kendra said...

How precious!

Set Free said...

I love how kids think!!

Cherrie raised a rabbit from the dead. Perhaps He would hear the prayer of a child for a grasshopper's hopper part. After all, it's what the critter was made to do.


mam said...

Mooi krekeltje hoor en wat lief van Zo.
Hoe is het met de krekel? Werkt zijn prothese?