Monday, September 11, 2006

All God...

Ruth, Praise, Nani and Zoey cleaning the bathrooms of their new school.

Last Sunday we spend the day preparing KICS, Kigali International Community School, for the very first students in it's history to attend this week. Many of the parents and new students arrived early for the time of worship, communion and sharing of the word. There was a common goal among us all: giving our children a place for God based education. Having this is common caused for immediate bonds between parents from different nations and backgrounds.
The one thing that was so encouraging to me was that when asked about the new teachers; their recruitment, support and commitment, the answer seemed the same in all cases... God! The house turned into the school, nothing but a miracle by... God! The school supplies... God! Favor with the government... God! Even in our case the money for the school tuition... God! (We only need $1000 out of the initial $3700 !!!)
To see God be so interested inmaking sure my children get good, christian, not only does that make my heart cheerful, but especially Nani and Zoey who have prayed and see God move on their behalf! Adn than for them to hear even their teachers and the directors of the school give all credit for the existance of the school to God.. What a start for the girls in this new school year.
Thank you to all of you who have been praying for the Lord's provision and thank you to you that gave so generous towards the girls's education! God bless you!


Eric & Kyla said...

We partner with your faith in agreemnent! God will birng the finances.


Val Herndon said...

I am so excited to finally get the go-ahead to hold the garage sale to help with Nani and Zoey's tuition!

For those of you in the Gresham, Oregon area, bring any useable items - IN GOOD CONDITION ONLY - to the 7th Day Adventist Church on Cleveland Ave, just south of Powell Blvd on Thursday, Sept 21st starting at Noon. The sale will be Friday 9/22 ONLY.

I look forward to seeing the windows of heaven open as we give of our excess "things" and see God turn them into a financial blessing for the girls' tuition!

Love, Val