Saturday, September 16, 2006

Visiting Nyabisiga 2

Rich had a great time showing the kids photo's he took of them.

Now, the purpose of our trip was to help with the building of a house... We were only 20 minutes from the house when the Landcruiser had a flat tire. Changing it was done quicly but unfortunately the spare tire didn't have enough air to continue our journey. We had to turn around and return to Kigali, praying we could make it with such little air...

Bosco, Cyp and Baptiste used the tire changing time to play soccer with Zoey.

So needless to say.. we never helped build the house. Everybody still had a great time though, and we all grew in our life lesson of flexability and patience on Rwandan soil.
This boy walked onthe road,I called him over and I asked him some questions only to find out he made the truck himself from sorogum plant stems and jerrycan tops for the tires. I asked him if he wanted to trade me the truck for 1000 francs. His eyes lit up and a big "yego" (yes) followed. We were both excited about the trade. Look at the detail he put into it! Just amazing!
It was a great day, especially for our guests. The village, one of my favorite places in Rwanda.


Kendra said...

Sounds like you had a great day! Thanks for posting!

The Corbin Family said...

With every post I read my heart grows with more love for Rwanda and the people there! Thank you so much for all the stories, we look foward to reading this blog! Love Michelle