Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Super Mom

Building the Barbie house.
Finished product.

Only three more days and Nani will have her 7th birthday. I have been very bussy with thoughts about her birthday. Besides the thoughts of "Oh My, I am getting old!" (which would be a blog posting in itself) I have been wracking my brain what to do for a present. There is one toystore in Rwanda and when the quality of toys from the dollar store or Wibra is better than the ones from this store, now if it had the prices of the above mentioned store... But no, paying $12 dollars for a fake Barbie type doll that has her legs broken after the first time playing with it...
So here I am, wondering what to do.
A few weeks ago, I must admit this happened after I prayed, I had a great idea; building Nani a dolhouse for her Barbie's. I started designing and dreaming about it. This was the fun and easy part ofcourse. It took me a few days before I had the courage to start gathering wood and mark it for cutting. Within a week the house was build. 4 feet high (135 cm), and 3 feet wide (100cm).
The house is in my room as I try to keep the girls fromseeing it while I paint and decorate. Only 3 more days and the house must be finished. I can't wait to see Nani's face...
Only 3 more days and the photo's of the finished, decorarated Barbie house and my daughters expression as she'll receive her present will be posted... I can't wait...


Eric & Kyla said...

You are such an inspiration! I completely admire your dependence on the Lord for material gifts and spiritual creativity in your daily life for your daughters and family. He is giving you the real desires of your hearts!

Nani will be so blessed by the house and blessed because God gave her such a thoughtful mommy!... (and sisters and daddy too!)

Happy Birthday, Nani! Love, Kyla & family

The Haines Family said...

Birthday hugs to Nani! I can't wait to see the photos when she sees what her mommy built her! You're the best!
Miss you all!

The Corbin Family said...

Aus, you are awesome! Happy birthday to Nani, we love her so much! Michelle

Heleen said...

Wow, As. great! It looks so nice and it really is a big house.
Hope my package is on time for Nani's Bday.
Love ya,