Monday, February 26, 2007

Land Identification in Kibuye

Today was a big day! So we dressed all nice as we would be meeting several government officials. I came with high heels and all! In my excitement I focused on the "looking good" for the occasion to much. We drove with some of the officials in the direction of Lake Kivu. We turned from the mainroad unto a rocky road. After about 10 minutes the road came to an end with the announcement that we had to continue by foot....
What was I thinking... So there I went for another 20 minutes on my heels, sliding over the rocks due to a lack of grip... Feeling like an old woman when Travis grabbed my arm preventing me from falling I wondered why I wanted to look so nice. Wasn't the special occasion Identifying land? DUH....
When we arrived at the suggested land I was ready to set up camp and stay forever. The beauty of this place... The lake, the mountains, pretty birds and butterflies, gorgeous flowers. I was humbled at the sight of such beauty!

The land the government wants to give to SoZo Ministries Africa for the development of an orphan childrens village goes from the boats in the water following the treeline up. The whole area in the photo including the scrubs in the fore ground are part of the land.

The trees in the very back are that same tree line again, all land seen is part of it.

The photo's above were looking southwest. This photo is looking north. The second point from the left, the ending of an island would also be partof SoZo Ministries land....

The land is not ours yet, paperwork and other logistics are still part of the process. Pray fot Gods will to be done and for us to find an architect who can draw plans for rough terrain! God has been amazing us. Today was one of those days where I feel so tiny in comparison to His Masterplan. God is good!


Anonymous said...

WOW! Look what to Lord has done! Or is doing! With a view like that, missionaries would come for retreat also, not just to help out! How blessed we are being His children!
Love Michelle

Anonymous said...

Imana ishimwe!!!

Imana yacu irahambaye!!!

Can I stay there also?!?!!?

Love, Marieke

Eric & Kyla said...

So pretty. I can see it! If you have vision, He'll work through you.... as we can see He's doing now! Can't wait to watch it all come together! We bless the paths you are about to walk on.

Anonymous said...

Haha As, hoe zeggen ze dat ook al weer?! "Het gaat om het innerlijk, niet om het uiterlijk..."
Super dat jullie zulke bevestigingen krijgen in de stappen in geloof!

Liefs Wen & de kleine beeb

DnA Marsh said...

WOW! We will continue to pray for G-d's continued anointing and blessing!
We love you all and miss you!!
Devin & Andrea

Kendra said...

I'm so happy for you guys! That's so cool that you have such an amazing piece of land being donated to you! It will be hard because of the terrain, but it will be so amazing in the end! I wish you guys the best of luck with the rest of the plans!
Luv always,

Shannon said...

so i've been telling everyone i know about my sozo bag and my best friend's mom suggested you look at a website-
people sell homemade goods from all over the world. there arent any coming from rwanda, but maybe it's worth looking into because apparently tons of people buy from this website and it might be an easy way to sell them. just a thought! anyway, i loveyou and miss you and i talk about you and travis and rwaza to anyone and everyone who will listen. and even if they dont want to listen i make them. haha