Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Our last GFR village day

A day of mixed emotion would best discibe today. It was our last day with GFR in the village. A wonderful day with a touch of sadness.
The YWAM team from Hawaii joined us again. The minibus they were in broke down nearby the meeting place in Mutete. Jumping on top of the landcruiser was not a problem at all making it quick and easy to get them all to the location.
Our Muzee Vianney had been released from prison and was officially re-instated into his former position as field director. The families welcomed him with open arms. We all know it was an act of God to have him back with us so speedily! Thank You Lord!
As I mentioned, today was our last GFR village day. Febr 8th will be our last official day with GFR. Allowing us to focus 100% on our own ministry SoZo Ministries Africa. I started our meeting with the Rwandese proverb; Imihini Mishya Itera Amabavu. Meaning; A new hoe handle causes blisters (or translated; change isn't easy). As I explained our departure I noticed many sad faces and I couldn't help but to feel a lump in my throat and I wondered who the change would not be easy for, me or them. After all I have spent at least 40 hours per week doing research, learning Rwandese culture, listen to government oficials brainstorm with my staff all with these precious people and their journey out of poverty in mind. I looked and remembered how we found some of them in small bush homes. Rags on their bodies and now, they look healthy and have a smile on their face. Some of them will never leave my heart, their faces will forever be in my memory.
I officially introduced them to their new GFR Country Director; Cyprien. We prayed for him as a GFR team, it was a powerful moment. The families welcomed him warmely. I felt a relief coming knowing that Cyprien loves his people and knows them well! After all he has been my main teacher!
The YWAM team did some drama's for the families all focusing on the power of the cross and Jesus! The people loved it, laughing loudly where they recognized things from their own life yet having a silent respect where Jesus was displayed.
The drama's were a great opening to Travis his teaching on wholeness in Christ. "Everything is possible with God" he said. "Freedom from trauma, healing of your body, salvation of your soul, persue God and he can do it!" Travis mentioned several scriptures about people persuing God out of desperation and God bringing wholeness.


The Haines Family said...

Hi As & Trav,

I haven't read the blogs for a while, and I missed a lot! Please hug the babies for me...wishing them birthday blessings a bit late.

I'm sure your last day was bittersweet, but I wish you well with your ministry. I know you will have your eyes fixed on Jesus and He will guide you.

In His love,

Anonymous said...

Travis and Astrid. I want to thank you for all you do! It is so special for me to be part of this with you! Our whole family gets excited about news from SoZo! Seeing Travis teaching, just "looks" right! And Astrid seeing you with the people, I can see your love for them. I know that you both are there because you feel the call, and want to be there! But I also know it is not easy. So I just wanted to go on record and thank you for all you do, all you sacrifice and all you give! Praying for you always!
Love Michelle

Mary said...

Travis and Astrid,

May God bless you both richly for the wonderful work you have done in Rwanda, with all the families and people you have come across. May He also bless your beautiful family greatly! I see your photos of all the girls and I cannot believe how they all grew since I was there in June - and the babies are walking!!!!

Blessings for your new journey by Lake Kivu. I am so glad I got to know you and your family and look forward to reading about your new adventures!!

God Bless,