Monday, February 05, 2007

Yaida One Year Old Today

The first photo we have of Yaida, when she was 3 weeks old.
Today this little angel turned one year old! If it weren't for God opening our heart to her, would she have ever had a first birthday? Loving the attention and having to sing "Happy Birthday" to her all day, she clapped and danced a lot today.

May I blow out the candle yet?

Really? It is ok to dump my face in the cake?Hi Hi, Alright here I go!

Happy Birthday Princess! You are loved.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Yaida. Wow, you sure have grown in 1 year!
Astrid she sure looks like she has the world by the tail! What a special gift God has given the Withrow family! 4 girls! I still remember when you were having dinner at our house (in the back yard), and we came up with the peace sign when you and Travis held up 2 fingers (for the two girls you had)! We said, "keep your life at piece my friend", and we all laughed! And every time one of the Corbin Kids would cry, or make noise, we would all hold up the #2 Piece sign! I am so glad you went with Gods plan! Perhaps out of the "piece and quiet" zone, but into the love and excitement (and noise) of a big family!
Enjoy them. I can't wait to meet Yaida and Jasmine!
Love Michelle Corbin

Jeannette said...

gefeliciteerd met de verjaardagen van jullie tweeling meiden geweldig die Foto's!

mam said...

Lief hoor. Wat een poepie. En wat een verschil met een jaar geleden...
Ook hiervan ben ik de trotse oma!