Sunday, February 11, 2007

Till Death Do Us Part.

Brutus and Darlene Simpson. Brother and sister of the groom. Dressed to go the wedding of our beloved brother Stanley and his not so loved wife to be Becky, we received our instructions. Brutus was not fond of Becky as she controlled Stanley and wanted to take over the travel agency that Brutus and Stanley had set up together. I, Darlene could not stand Becky as she interfered with the close relationship I had with both my brothers.
Becky came from a wealthy family yet we had to work hard for our money. She was favored by her dad, a maffia boss and her mom over her little sister Gina. Gina could not stand Becky. Becky had dumped Ken over my brother Stanley, poor Ken was heart broken yet attended the wedding, hoping to move on and love again after the wedding was over. I really liked Ken and made sure he had all the support he needed during the wedding. My dad though, he had just sold a serious life insurance policy to Becky, She was worth at least one million dollars. Though I tried to warn my brothers Stanley (groom), Brutus and my parents that this wedding should not be happening, They did not listen well to me.
To top it off I found out that Becky had been unfaithful to my brother and her lover was at the wedding also with his new girl friend. I could not resist telling her the news, and oh was she furious!
Yes many people, many motives to kill, but really who did it. While listening to a speech from one of my brother's friends the lights turned of... the sound of a shotgun went off and... the bride was dead on the floor. Panic, accusations and criesof shock went through the room, who did such a brutal thing! Before I knew it people surrounded me with accusations. No I did not like Becky and I did not want to see this marriage happen but still... to go to this extreme?
My brother Brutus was very concerned for our brother Stanley. Poor Stanley was heart broken. While people were trying to figure out who killed the bride, they even bribed each other. People were yelling at each other calling eachother names. it was quite the scene.
To my shock my brother Stanley "fell" of the balcony... dead. My world collapsed, I lost all self controll, oh my dear brother, was this suicide, an accident, murder?
The police officer came to release all evidences and inform us who had murdered the bride. I could not believe it when I heard what happened. Because of the threat to my brothers business, Brutus had killed Becky. Thinking this would save the business and save our brother from a broken heart later in life. Stanley really had to much to drink as he was heart broken over the loss of his wife and got to close to the end of the balcony...
And no, I really did not have anything to do with either death...

We had so much fun last night as we dressed to match up for the role we played. There must have been at least 50 people all playing a part in this mystery murder game. Some people I will only know by the name of the role they had as I have no clue what their real name is!
Not much happens in Kigali, and there are no theatres or movie places, so this was definately a wonderful event for us!


The Haines Family said...

You guys look fabulous! :) pam

mam said...

Leuk portret hoor. Krijgen jullie ook een eervolle vermelding in het blad Quote voor de bestgeklede artiest?
Dat heb je in ieder geval verdiend.

Anonymous said...

Remind me never to tick travis off when he's in a tuxedo....glad you had a "blast" you guys...
the "family" of the bride has a special deal for you, brutus...concrete speedo with your name on it...hahaha
-Bill Corbin

Eric & Kyla said...

You guys look great! What a blessing to get out for a fun evening with your spouse! Hmmmm... great valentines idea!

Kendra said...

You look so gorgeous! And Travis is lookin really sharp too!
It's so great you guys got to have a really fun night! Even if there was tons to do in Kigali, this still seems like a fun thing! Some people might feel a little funny, but I've always wanted to try a murder mystery kind of sounds fun! Plus, you get to have an excuse to dress up an look amazing like you two!