Sunday, August 06, 2006

Traditional Rwandese Wedding 2

The warriors and dancers.

The drummers came out, it was goose bump awesome as they made our hearts beat the rythm of their drums. The drummers communicated to the crowd. It was just awesome!

After the traditional part there was the church wedding and reception. Nani, Zoey and Casey had dresses in the same colors, making them feel extra special.

Three princesses.

Zoey, Casey and Nani, making sure Claudia's dress stays clean.


Anonymous said...

Hi prinsesjes!

Wat zien jullie er mooi uit! En volgens mij vindt jullie mam de schoenen nog het mooist!

Knuf van Wendy

The Haines Family said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful wedding photos with us....what a special day!

Curtis Reed said...

What great pictures of the girls, I sure miss them. Love Curtis R