Wednesday, August 23, 2006

African Wild Life Continued

Nani and Zoey with Boefje their cat. Though Boefje is not the wild life I want to mention I must say she is a panther at heart. Hunting after lizards, birds, huge grass hoppers and dragon flies. The part where the panther turns back into cat is that she has to show us all her prey. Leaving them as presents under the dining table or chairs in the living room. Dismanteled this is...
No, the wild life is behind the girls in the photo above.
Every morning 4 or 5 monkeys invade our compound. Though we enjoy watching them and their funny behavior, we can't stand them eating all the fruits and vegies we try to grow in our garden. But oh well, that's why they are "wild" life I guess.


mam said...

Poor kitty! She still looks beautiful. I think she is thicker than when I saw her in February.
Maybe because of her hunting?
Nice to see Nani and Zoey.
Big hug for all of you.

Kendra said...

I know the monkeys are a pain, but they are so cute!

The Corbin Family said...

Mackenzie thinks it is so cool that you can look out your window and see monkeys. She thinks we should get one! Ha ha ha. She asked the other day if you see elephants crusin by also! It is so cool to hear them chat about how they think your live is in Africa!
Levi often demands that we go to your house in Africa for an afternoon visit! He misses you all so much, as do we all!
Our love to you all. Praying for you daily! Love Michelle