Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Nani's Day in Mutete 1

Remember Julienne? See my blog posted in July "Julienne Before and After". Many people gathered to help her put mudd on her home. Once dry the cement will be put on the inside and outside of the house. Then the house will last for about 30 years!
Nani was so excited to find out that Travis was going to help Julienne with her house that she wanted to come along to help. Before leaving the house she got her bag ready; a waterbottle, some snacks and lunch, and stickers for the new friends she would make today.

We let Nani use our old camera for the day. She was so excited. She must have taken over 100 shots. Here she showed her friends the photo she took of them.
Julienne's goat just had babies. Nani and Melody were trying to pick some up, but they took of running. Melody and Nani went running after them...

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