Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Nani's day in Mutete 2

She did it, she caught the goats! Nani was so excited to hold the baby goats!

This little girl is the daughter of one of our newly sponsored families, Mukangaranga. She must be about 2 years old. She grabbed Nani's hand and didn't let go. Nani and this little girl were seen together the rest of the day. Nani had brought stickers and "decorated" all her new friends. Giving them "earrings" and "nose piercings" Age didn't matter even some Mutchecheru's (old women) has stickers on their hands and faces.
In between her bussy social activities Nani found time to help Travis with the interviews. She was the assigned photographer, a job she really enjoyed.
We prepared her; "Remember you will be the only Mzungu (white) kid today. You know that many of the children will be al over you and want to touch you and play with you..." "Yes I know, I am ok with that, and if I don't like what they do I just tell them 'Oya, ni Simbiza' (No, It is not good)". Nani said.
I am so proud of Nani. Something about the village life makes her want to be there. Something about the children makes her want to bless them with the little she has. My Nani. The compassion I see in her when she is among the poor makes my heart weak. I have a true missionary in training here... It is my desire to one day release her from my family into full time missions. Seeing her being so comfortable among the poor, makes me realize that her missions training school has already started. My Nani, wow...!


Anonymous said...

Wow, kippenvel....

Jullie Nani... Zo'n bijzonder meidje, zo'n karakter...

Hele dikke knuffels voor haar!

Liefs Wen

The Haines Family said...

Truly precious!
Miss you!