Tuesday, January 30, 2007

YWAM in Kavumu 2

The team spent much time ministering to people, leading some to salvation and being an encouragement to others.
This young woman came with her 3 year old daughter and one year old son to the clinic she is on the list to get sponsored. As you can see, the baby on her lap is very mal nourished. The poor boy cried and cried without stopping. If you want to do something effective,, please consider sponsoring this woman and her family through GFR. All she eats is sweet potatoes. Her baby is sick and mal nourished. The 3 year old child looks much younger than she is. These people are in great need! Please help them.
I looked at this baby and remembered when we first picked up our daughter Yaida at the orphanage. It was a hard call for me to sit with this woman while her baby is crying and remember my own baby...
Want to change a life? This is your opportunity!
We prayed for the woman and the baby. Believing God for a miracle! Are you the next miracle?

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