Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dan; cowboy at heart spend the day catching and holding goats. Thanks Dan, you sure made the goat collecting station go fast and flexible!
The Mattress distribution post, this post definately showed that it is a bessing to give...
Everybody left that station with a smile!
Some received mosquito nets, with Malaria still being one of the main causes of death, this gift was received with joy by all!
Many people, many gifts,; 18 cows, 5 houses, 22 mattresses, 50+ pigs and goats, 53 mosquito nets and many miscalaneous gifts. Just awesome! So much joy!

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Eric & Kyla said...

Amazing! It is amazing how God is using you guys! Love the photos. Thanks for always sharing. The little girl looks proud, yet slightly embarrased, but you are both so beautiful and full of light. I can see God's love.