Thursday, January 11, 2007

Gift Giving Day

About 250 sponsored GFR families gathered on Tuesday to be encouraged for the new year. They were enouraged to see 15 extra volunteers come from Kigali representing Canada, Japan, Thailand and the United States, helping with the distribution of the gifts sponsors had bought for their Rwandan families. The local and provincial government came out to be with us all so did a reporter.
I Encouraged the families with the story Jesus told, of the talents. The talents being opportunities, if used wisely they bring great benefit and reward, if waisted hope goes also. It is so much fun to use Jesus' illustrations, they were just made for the villagers! They all got the message and I was pleased to hear the local government represented reinforce Jesus' story.
I used this presious little girl as an example for a story. She must have been nurvous, I could feel her heart beat rapidly under my hand. Cyprien, my brother, yes we do look alike... (don't we Cyp!) is translating for me.
The YWAM team from the DTS inKona Hawaii joined us, helping us a great deal, we could not have done this day without their help. Many of them just hang out with the kids, singing songs and playing games. Just precious. They made many little friends that day! Thanks guys for your loving heart to these precious people!


mam said...

Hi As,

Love to see what you guys are doing. And amazing that even the local government like what you do.
Did it made a change for them?
Love you all.

Cyp said...

Yes As, we are really like twines.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Dear family,

Can't forget you guys!!!

Happy to read all the beautiful things you're doing in Jesus' name!!! Wish I was there!

Good to see another DTS-team in Rwanda; God is busy overthere, eh?!

I'm always smiling when I see the pictures of the girls, they are so cute. I still remember the evening that I was holding Yaida, while I was thinking about Kevin... I'm still praying for him, hopefully he will have parents now who will love him as you love the girls!!!

Okay, Imana iguhe umugisha!!

Uru wagaciro Kumana!!

Tuzasubira, Marieke (DTS-team Holland 2006)

Anonymous said...

I love to see photos of what God is doing there! Thanks for posting! Looking at the people all sitting around, waiting to hear what God will say through you reminds me of what it must have looked like when Jesus taught. Just a group of people sitting in an open field, longing for gifts from the Lord. To hear what He would tell them, teach them, give them! How cool for you to be His hands, eyes, mouth! What great work He is doing through you!
God bless you and all those who you work with!
Love always, Michelle Corbin