Tuesday, January 30, 2007

YWAM in Kavumu 1

Upon arrival in this little village in the Kavumu sector, I noticed a stable looking contruction. While some man were vigurously cutting branches and place it as a roof on this construction, I asked in my best Kinyarwandan if this was a houe for a cow. As you see in the photo's, my thoughts were wrong. But it was wonderful for the patients and doctors to have some privacy and to be protected from the hot burning sun while in their make shift clinic.
The doctors, Dan and Rosanne with their patients and translators. (By the way, Cyprien could be a village doctor by now with all his medical knowledge and skill!)

Others helped the families with the start of the seed bed. The land worked on will be used for a seedbed and pig farm, all to the benefit of the GFR families and the community. Big branches had to be cut and land leveled. Many of the villagers looked with approval on those hacking the trees with machette's. A tough job!

This beautiful toothless 11 month old baby stole my heart. She had the best smiles (believe me she did!) and her mom was just as beautiful and sweet.

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