Saturday, October 07, 2006

"Sharing the Blessing" 2

Travis started the meeting with a Rwandese proverb. It really got the people's attention and they laughed in amazement that he knew not just part of thier language, but more; the way to their heart.
It was a very special day as 28 famlies brought a goat or sheap to give away to someone more poor than themselfs. They used to be the poorest of the poor, no clothing, no decent food nor shelter and here they are, able to give out of their plenty! What a testimony.

Image; You like bike riding and have two very nice bikes in your garage. But really you need only one, but to have the second as a reserve is nice, it has come in handy before.
You there are plenty of people who have to walk an hour to get to work, the public transport just doesn't get them in the right place or they cannot use it for the fees are to high. Now what if you would call this person and say: Meet me at my house tonight at 7, I have something for you." The person comes and you give that nice second bike you have. How excited this person would be, hwo blessed you would feel as you would see him enjoy his surprise...
This is exactly how it was in Mutete. I was proud of those giving and excited for those who received.
I belief strongholds of poverty and selfishness were shaking as these people performed biblical generousity. God, bless the givers and receivers!
This man was so excited with the blessing he received. Though giving in such a way is not culturalAt the end of the day we prayed with this Muchecheru.
It was a day where the best of SoZo and the best of GFR went hand in hand.
Thank you Lord for the life I may live here in Rwanda. What a satisfaction!


jeannette said...

wat kunnen we nog een hoop leren!
Om zo te kunnen delen met elkaar.

Set Free said...

Right on! Y'all keep it up!!
Hugs from Estacada, - J