Saturday, October 07, 2006

"Sharing the Blessing" 1

When we arrived at the location where we would meet al our GFR families, we noticed some ladies with drums and wedding outfits. Besides thinking it to be odd that there would be a wedding on Friday, as most are on Saturday or Sunday, I didn't give it any more thought. Until the ladies started singing and dancing welcoming us on this special day into their area. As they sang louder and the dru picked up some beat people started dancing the traditional Rwandan dance, and yes... we had to dance with them. Oh did we laugh!!! It seems so easy but it sooo is not. The people sheered and laughed so hard. We made a total fool out of ourselfs, I am convinced of this, but boy did we have a great time!

Many of our families were present as we tought them basic biblical principals such as truth and honesty and doing unto other as you want them to do to you.
I love speaking to the families as I have found that the simple things of everyday life make for the best illustrations. No fancy powerpoints or statistical breakdowns, just stories relating to cultivating, family interaction and child rearing. This simple life... I just love it.


The Haines Family said...

Oh how we miss you all! What a blessing to see the photos and hear your stories! And soon Guy will be in them! We're busy preparing for his trip...let us know what you need!

Kendra said...

I love reading your blogs! Every time you post a new one, I realize how much I miss Rwanda and want to be there with you! It is so great that you are able to minister to these people. They are so blessed with your presence in Rwanda.

mam said...

It's such a good job you do:
sharing the love of Jesus to the Rwandese people. Am proud of you.
Love you