Thursday, October 19, 2006

Joy, Joy and more Joy!!

Today was just a wonderful day.
Besides almost killing some motorbikers and almost being killed by other absolutely crazy drivers, the day was so productive and amazing!
Maybe you remember the story of Josepha. I blogged about this amazing woman back in July. Today I took some of our staff to visit her. Though she was out of town her husband was so excited to see us. He looked so healthy and also theur baby girl looked good. As usual I had cloths and other items to give away in the car. Simon was so happy when I gave him some cloths for this daughter and a blanket for her. What a joy.
We had two new families that received sponsorship. Today they received theor ver first bank account ever. This is a big deal! The people were just so happy. It is amazing. Believe me, the joy is contageous!
Now to top it all off, I got to do my very favorite thing above all; surprise people. My mother in law rocks! She has been sending us boxes and boxes full of nice cloths and new flip flops to give to the needy! So whenever we go somewhere, I bring the boxes along. Today I surprised some school kids with teddy bears, men with nice shirts and these woman with cloth for them and their babies. Now these women are something else, I tell you! I barely made it out of the car and they were on my neck, hugging me thanking me and grabbing me. I was a little surprised as I had missed the part where Cyprien had called them to come as I had something for them. "This is a good day to be by the main road" one of the women exclaimed! They both kept on laughing and shouting words of surprise and joy. All of us there could not stop laughing. Joy is contageous! I still laugh thinking of them. I love it, I just love this part of my adventerous life here in Rwanda. Thank you Lord! Jou is conatgeous! These beautiful girls were right beside me from the moment I stepped out of the car until I left after the photography training with our village staff. Aren't they just gorgeous.
These children were very surprised when they received their nice soft plush bears. Can you imagine what it must be like to only feel hard objects, sleep on the dirt floor, no mattresses , no soft cloths. I wonder if they will snuggle up to their new toys tonight and enoy the softness.I love today. I also got to pray with a sick girl. As a result of the connection with GFR the mother and father turned away from Islam and now follow Jesus. So to pray for with this family is just awesome. Thank you Lord for this wonderful life I may live, it's all for You and because of You. Thank You.


Kendra said...

Sounds like you had a very blessed day! I love reading the blogs. I can't wait until Aaron and I can join you in Rwanda. I miss it so much!!!

Eric & Kyla said...

Contageous... I'll say! I can sense the joy all the way from Wyoming! God is good! And what an amazing joy, like no other. You guys inspire us to walk stronger and seeker deeper, toward the call of God!

Keep up the great work!