Monday, October 23, 2006

Bottom Blessing

834 diapers and 5760 wetwipes...
Bottom Blessing!!

When we received an email with the note; "let us know what we should bring for you in our container" the choice was easy. One hundred dollars worth of diapers and another one hundred for wetwipes. Though we use the cloth ones we received through an amazing missionary diaper grant, we use disposables for on the go and at night.
Some of you may have heard my complains of the scary prices of items in Rwanda. Diapers are part of them. The cheapest we can get dispsables for is
$12 for 34 diapers making this $0.35 per diaper and
$7.50 for 70 wetwipes making this $0.10 per wipe !!!
Today was the day to pick up our bottom blessings! Even the babies were stocked about them. They kept crawling to their room climbing up on the boxes.
Thank you Todd and Jessica for bringing us bottom blessings!


The Haines Family said...

The 'twins' are adorable and really on the move, I see!! Thanks for sharing these cute photos! :)
Love to all,

Kendra said...

The girls look so cute! I can't believe how much they've grown since June.
The bottom blessing is really awesome, those should last you awhile!

Set Free said...

Too cute ;>)! Makes a Grandma's heart warm...

Eric & Kyla said...

That is a crazy price! More than what we pay... good thing we rely on God's provisions. What a blessing!! The girls are so big and so pretty!!

Kiss the girls.


Mary said...

The girls are growing so fast!!! They are just beautiful. Glad to see that blessings are pouring in for you. Love you!