Thursday, July 13, 2006

Modeling Work

When Nani and Zoey came giggling into the living room I knew something was up. Besides their cute dress up cloths I noticed something on Zoey’s back. She turned around and I could see her black baby doll attached to her back with a scarf (see picture).
We all had a good laugh and thought it worth a photo.

It made me think about modeling work, no don’t worry not the fashion modeling stuff, but parental modeling. It is obvious that the girls tied the baby on Zo’s back as a result of what they see around them 24/7.

What else do they see that they find worth modeling? Will I find out soon or do I have to wait until they are in their twenties before I will know? How much should I protect them from bad influences and examples to ensure they will not have bad modeling examples in their lives?

In the Rwandese culture it is perfectly normal to pick your nose, itch your crotch and have boobs hanging out in public…. The nose picking Zoey mastered perfectly. I hope she won’t live out the others.
Culturally, when the man of the household is not present, the oldest male on the compound is in charge. Just recently Nani and Zoey spend the night at a friend’s house. The dad was gone to work, and the oldest worker on the compound took charge. While my girls and their friend were having breakfast with the nanny, the male worker came in and beat the nanny in front of the 3 girls… modeling…

We all know the song; “Oh be careful little eyes what you see…” Is that true or should it be: “Oh be careful big people what you show…?”
I pray the Lord will help me to be a great modeler of righteousness and that He would instill great conviction through the Holy Spirit into my girls, so that they will know beyond a shadow of a doubt what is right, what is wrong.
In the mean time I look forward to many more moments of laughter as my little ones mimic the adult life.

P.S. the worker was fired after he apologized to the kids and the nanny.


The Haines Family said...

Hi Astrid!

You and Travis are great models for the shown in the previous photos where they are praying for others! It's sad that they had to witness that violence, I was glad you added that P.S.

We miss you all!

Anonymous said...

Hallo Travis en Astrid (en de meiden),

ik schrijf maar even in het Nederlands want ik ben al mijn Frans+Engels+Kinyarwanda kwijt na deze 2 weken in Nederland. Het was jammer dat we geen afscheid konden nemen in Rwanda; hier in Nederland is alles goed, ik word flink dikker (twee kilo aangekomen in twee weken) dus dat is geweldig haha.

Heel veel suk6 en Gods zegen in Rwanda, en tot ziens,


Mary said...

Hi Travis and Astrid,

Thank you so much for sending the newsletter and the blog address! I read each of these items and felt like I have been catching up with you and your ministry.

There are things all over this earth that help model our children, but it is what they experience at home that helps them process these things. I have witnessed both you and Travis's devotion to the girls. God has placed them in safe hands.

Much love to you all!!


Anonymous said...

Hi precious girls!

We love you and miss you all! Give your mam & dad a big hug and please tell them that they are doing great!

Big hug from Sjoerd, Wendy & David

Anonymous said...

I like it! Good job. Go on.

Anonymous said...

I like it! Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing this wonderful site with us.