Monday, July 24, 2006

In the village with our friends 2

Walking from one family to the next

Struck by the effectiveness of GFR and SoZo, Cindy and Gary deside to sponsor this lady and her family.

We took them to their new family's house. To see for themself what her living condition was like. Below is her house, with tiny rooms. Four people live in the house. Now with the sponsorship they will receive from Gary and Cindy, this family will come out of poverty and have a chance to a life of prosperity in both practical and spiritual aspects of life.

Gary and Cindy prayed for her in her house.

You too can change a families life. Visit and learn more about what you can do to get someone out of survival mode into a life of hope!

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Charity Rutan said...

Travis and Astrid,
I have been so encouraged and inspired by reading your blog posts. I usually am in tears before I finish each post. I am thankful that you are there doing the work of the Lord and spreading His love and hope to these beautiful people. Thank you for being faithful to do your part for God's kingdom and for our Body. You are in our prayers.

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