Monday, July 31, 2006

Ministering in a Congolese Refugee Camp 1

All we knew is that we would speak and minister in pastor Ombe’s church. We knew the town it was in and that three churches would be represented today. Excited that Ben and Melody would join us we drove to the location where we would pick up pastor Ombe. He directed us from the main road unto a dirt road that went straight up the hill. We knew the stories of this hill… A Congolese refugee camp. As a result of genocide in 1997 in the Congo and the continuous danger, the people in this camp have been stuck in Rwanda, stuck on this hill.

It was a definite surprise to us to go to such a place. We entered the camp, little mud homes with tarp and UNCR signs on almost everything mark the view of this place. Even the roof of the church was tarp. People in rags, dirty children and garbage everywhere. Though I am in the village so often I felt taken back by the living conditions of the people in this camp. I was overwhelmed.

The church had just started when we entered. People started whispering as they saw Trav carry Yaida, wondering who this little one was. When he introduced her as our daughter a cheer of surprise arose. The church was packed, kids hang in the windowsills. On the stage were some more comfortable chairs for today’s special guests. The church has 12 choirs, and though I don’t mind the cheerful African worship, I was glad only 6 of them would perform for us today.

Melody had an absolute encouraging word for the church. “God has not left you behind as if you were an orphan… Though you are not in your home land, don’t worry, our real home is with the Father in heaven!”
Travis spoke on building the house of God. And that the fruit in our lives shows the kind of stones that have been used to build that very house. He tied it in with SoZo. And encouraged the people to cry out to God like the blind Bartimeus expressing their need of wholeness to God.

We heard a few testimonies. A lady had pain leave her body as we ministered, a young man gave his life to Christ and yet another experienced an open heaven. A young man received the gift of faith and believes to find his mute daughter to be well.
The pastors were so encouraged, they prepared a huge delicious African meal for us and brought gifts. As much as they felt blessed, so did we as we saw God touch the lives of precious people. People without anything, but Him!


The Haines Family said...

Hello friends!
Almost 6 months old and Yaida is ministering again! Bless you all as you continue in God's awesome plan!
Love in Him,

Kendra said...

I've read about refugee camps and the horrible things people are forced to endure in them--it's so awesome that you visited one! You are such a blessing to so many people there! I love reading your blog!

Mary said...

What a wonderful testimony to the works of SoZo and GFR. I got goosebumps reading your blogs from this refugee camp. Yes, anything can be accomplished through our Lord Jesus.

Thanks for sharing these with us - as well as the gorgeous photos of the girls!

God Bless and much love!