Thursday, August 09, 2007

Kumbya 1 Missionary retreat

Kumbya is a little peninsula in the south-western corner of Rwanda. A peninsula that has been used for missionary retreat since the 1950's. A beatiful place at Lake Kivu.
We went for a 9 day missionary retreat. We saw many of our missionary friends there and made many new ones. Jim Copeland, a former Promise Keeper leader spoke to us on Shepherd Leadership and seriously challenges all of our leadership styles based on biblical principals. We had times of worship, VBS for the big girls and lots of time for games and lake side fun.

I did not realize how tired I was until people around me asked if I was ok 'cause I didn't look all that good... scary when that happens. It took about two days before we all had settled and rest started to enter all of our lives. Though it was not per se a relaxing time (really what would that look like with little children) it was a good time. I did worship with my friends and just enjoyed being there. No agenda, no obligations. Travis and I were asked to share our testimony. During the course of the week many people came and thanked us for re-fireing their vision for Rwanda and their heart for the lost.
We drove through the Nyangwe forest. A rainforest with incredible beauty. Nani counted 27 monkeys on the way through it. Everywhere we went military marched the roads keeping the area protected from the malitia that is still believed to be hiding in this thick forest.
Our camp site. We used our tent (thanks Corrie & Daniel & Fam.) which was big enough for all of us to sleep in. We also had a grass hut build for shade and storage. We came prepared with tarp as we heard stories of people beig washed out of their huts last year.Up until about the 1950's these grass huts were the houses of many Rwandans. Even the King would live in a grass hut, though much bigger and fancier, but with the same concept. We were surpised how nicely cool it stayed inside during the hot hours of the day. It was quite the experience!

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