Monday, August 13, 2007

Hope in Rwaza 1

We drove 2 hours in expectation and hope to get to hear Mama Deo's story. Why does a 70 year old nun run an orphanage all by herself. Where is the church, do they help? WHo is responsible, why are there nice buildings yet no food for the children. What is the story? We listened as Mama Deo shared how during the genocide she would walk through the dead bodies picking up the children that were sitting in shock next to their dead parents. How even she had to run and hide with the children she cared for and miraculously survived. Her vision to provide wholeness for the children... wow... She gave up a comfortable life in the convent (place where catholic nuns live) for a live of extreme poverty with the children she so selflessly loves.

(Picture above)
One of the young girls (about 8) taking care of one of the litteler ones. Mama Deo is all by herself in the care of her children. She loves them so much, it is so obvious the children love her too and they all group around her as soon as she sits down. They know she makes great sacrifices out of her love for them. She is so bussy that the children are left to take care of themselves.
Listening to Mama Deo's story we had to hold back the tears as we realized her desire for wholeness and our desire for wholeness. This 70 year old catholic nun has the same vision for the orphans of Rwaza as us, as couple in their 30's coming from wealthy western nations.

Mama Deo showed us the little plot of land she bought for cultivation. Emmanuel proudly shows me the milk cow they have.

Aaron and Kendra. Friends of ours that are visiting us. Aaron also designed and keeps up our website.

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The Simple Shepherdess said...

Do you know how much you and your family look like Jesus? I want so badly to come and hug these kids with you! Thank you for helping Mama Deo with her tremendous load. What a joy it must be for her.