Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back to Kibuye

This piece of land that one day will be the home of SoZo Minstries Africa's Heaven Touching Earth. The orphan village with 256 orphans mothered bu 32 widows... Every time we go here I can hear the sounds of those children playing. The dinner bell sounding and the silence before the dinner prayer. Cows came down the hill and the corner of the property is still the local boat-stop for pick ups and drop-offs. I imagine the boats filled with white and black people who return from the main harbor with soda-pop for special events. I see children jumping from a dock that stretches into the water. Nani and Zoey already made a friend on the land. They played and swam in the lake.
The peace and calm of the place is just amazing. The beauty stunning. One day...

We brought our friends Aaron and Kendra to see the place and they too could see it... Hundreds of children on their face worshipping Jesus. Living in peace and love with themself and each other. Widows that found purpose in life as they love and mother the children. People from all over the globe coming to help and equip the community around and love the children...Keep praying for Heaven Touching Earth. God is on the move, what started with a God given vision will end with a place beaming of Life, full of Jesus and amazing testimonies about our God.

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