Friday, July 27, 2007

Yaida has hair!!

Yaida has hair now!!
It took about four hours to get all the brades in her hair. In the picture Isabelle (our househelp) is holding Yaida while Herriet does the brades. Yaida did great considering the amount of time!
Yaya loved her hair and keeps telling us how pretty she is, as if we did not know yet! In just a week she will be 18 months old. Wow time goes fast. She is such a cutie and soooo funny.
I just had to show her off to you all. I pray soon it will be face to face!


Erin said...

She is so beautiful!! And she has grown so much since I last saw her. Thanks for sharing the great pics!
Love you guys!

pam h said...

Absolutely beautiful! :) What a sweetie! Love to all, Pam

Anonymous said...

WOW, she looks older with the brades in! I think that is so funny how hair will age us up or down. Levi just got a cut, and I think he looks 2 years older now! What a little cutie pie!

mam said...

It makes her look totally different but it is great. Almost 1½; Jasmin and Yaida no babies anymore but toddlers.

Anonymous said...

Wat een heerlijk droppie! En wat een stralende lach! Ik hoop dat onze kids elkaar weer een keer kunnen ontmoeten en spelen met elkaar.
Liefs Wen