Sunday, July 22, 2007

Rwaza Orphanage 3

Nani's middlename is Grace. Here she poses with her new friend Grace. They told every listening ear they were sisters.
The more time I spent with people from all tribes and nations, rich and poor, respected and disowned, they are really all the same. I know we all know this, but ... do we really? Why do we treat the poor in our society different from the leaders we serve under? Can we be like the children? Do you dare to take the time to sit and listen to the troubles of a homeless person in your area as you would listen and take time for the fellow student, your collegue or aquantance from your area of social connection with whom you have "a connection" though you don't know him/her? Really, why do we do this? Nani played on a pile of stinky, urine smelling mattresses, waving my disapproval her sitting on them away with a: "But mom, I will take a shower when we get home..." In other words, come on, who cares! Do you care?
Shining medals gave the children a victory feeling. They have been disowned by many, but are accepted and loved by their creator. They are true winners! I was able to bring a new outfit for every child, including new shoes!
It was not easy for Nani to give away the dress she used to love so much. Yet to see the smile and love in her eyes when she gives it away... I know she will receive blessings from the Lord as she gives away with so much joy! It blessed my mother heart to see my daughter truly understanding the joy of giving. Nani I pray you will never lack anything as you continue to bless so many out of the blessings you have received.

This little girl is very sick. Her poor nose was bleeding from all the snot and crust. Her caugh was concerning. She had a dirty little dress on. When I had given her new cloths and shoes she wore them proudly. Thank you to all of who who keep sending nice cloths and shoes! The children were so excited!!
Before and After

We will be back many more times ensuring church politics will be set aside for the sake of these wonderful children, their future and their relationship with their Creator!
This orphanage does not receive any financial help. The children are only eating sweet potatoes. There is no money for docter check ups, other foods not even for laundry soap. If you want to donate funds specifically for the children of the Rwaza orphange you can click on this link and go to "make a donation". Specify it is for Rwaza Orphanage and we will make sure your money gets there.


mam said...

Wow, weer een nieuw object op jullie weg. Je hoeft je niet af te vragen waarom jullie in Rwanda zijn... De verhalen en foto's zeggen genoeg.
En Nani, wat een geweldig moppie!
Ik ben trots op jullie!

Anonymous said...

My heart weeps, I can only imagine the joy the Lord will feel when we all begin to respond. Woo to us who have and do not give, Woo to us who have been told and do not help! Lord help us all the have your heart, help us all to feel the need and to act!
Thank you Jesus for the Withrow's who are doing Your will. Bless them all, keep them safe, and give them the desires of their hearts!
Love Michelle Corbin