Sunday, July 22, 2007

Rwaza Orphanage 2

While Tineke and I brought some children to the nearby clinic, others scrubbed the halls with bleach. Some of the bigger children even helped! The sleepig hall was very stinky. After it was scrubbed, the mattresses aired and the sheets washed to room smelled clean to great delight of one of the sisters assisting, who came running to us when we arrived telling us to come and see the sleeping hall!
Some of us put our money together to buy basins, buckets, cleaning supplies, soap, laundry soap and food for the orphanage. There was not even a broom to be found on the compound... The children werechecking out the big buckets.
Dirty laundry. We gathered about 4 big piles from the childrens sleeping hall. We paid some people from the community to do the laundry. The orphange cannot afford laundry soap, nor the people to do the laundry, so it just does not happen... It would only cost $25 per month to hire one person to do laundry and to have sufficient laundry soap. It would prefend serious deseases among the children and gives a job opportunity to someone in the community.
Almost all the children and all of us who came to serve and help. It was surprise time. Soda's and new cloths, shoes, toys and a real meal!

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