Thursday, May 10, 2007

Queens Day - Koninginnedag

Over 55 kids and at least the same amount of adults spent last Saturday in my backyard. April 30th marks the birthday of my queen. The Queen of The Netherlands; Beatrix.
Many Dutch and Belgiums living in Rwanda came with their children to celebrate this event.
Our oversized compound and even the color of our house were perfect for the occasion.
Orange is the last name of the Royal Dutch Family, explaining that though our flags colors are red-white-blue, we dress orange for special national events.

Nani is playing the game "bottle-peeing" an all time favorite. Zoey was very competitive to make her team win and acted like a pro on the cow-milking game.

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mam said...

Hoe kom je toch aan die oranje kleding? Leuk hoor! Die koe is ook enig. Wel fijn dat jullie zo'n leuke dag hebben gehad.
Liefs van mij.