Sunday, December 17, 2006

Snowmen in Africa

I went to the craft store to get the hot glue, felts,and other items I needed for the snowmen project I wanted to do with Nani and Zoey. I quickly ran by the fabric store and picked up some materials for the scarfs and hats of the snowmen...
No not really... It goes more like this; I looked for some old kids socks for hats and used my dust rag for a scarf. I found some black wire from headphones that don't work, for the making of the mouth. Thanks to the Nelson's package I had wrap that would be the snowman's body color and styrofoam chips to use for filling of the hats. The nose was the hardest as marker didn't work on the foam, but I found a jello box in my kitchen that was orange... Needless to say there was no hot glue, nor felt to use, but as a team the girls and I succeeded in making these good looking snowmen. Topped off with powdered sugar it looks like it really snowed (I just pray the ants won't be attracted to it!!!)

All snowmen are made by Nani and Zoey and are now on display in our livingroom!


mam said...

so cute; it's nice that you are soooooooo creative...
the snowmen look beautiful.
Big hug

Val Herndon said...

Dear Nani and Zoey, What clever girls you are! Your snowmen are beautiful!

Sending you my love and a big Christmas hug!


Kendra said...

These are so cute! I really hope you get the package we sent you before's making me upset that you haven't already gotten it, it was supposed to be there 2 weeks ago!

Anonymous said...

Wat zijn ze mooi geworden!!
met veel plezier en bewondering lees ik al jullie verhalen!

Een hele fijne decembertijd toegewenst

A big hug for you all!

liefs Judith (Boeve)

Eric & Kyla said...

Ah Ha! How creavite! They look kinda like veggie tales cousins. Any realation? So cute!! Love you Nan and Zo! Merry Christmas, Sliger~!

Nate R. said...

Thanks for inspiring another mom! Merry Christmas!

Diane Soucie said...

You are a creative genious. Girl you touch lives everywhere you go. I've looked at all the pictures since November and I feel like I have had a good visit with you and Travis and the girls.
Have a very Merry Christmas. Love Diane and Berna