Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas in Rwanda

Christmas was a special event this year, with two new daughters and my beautiful big girls who really understand Christ. When thinking about family and friends I found myself getting sentimental, not so much desiring to go to them, but for them to be with us... I have been overwhelmed with the feeling of family. Growing up as an only child the sense of family was foreign to me. But watching my daughters sit around listening to the Christmas story, talking about it, singing Christmas songs, enjoying their presents and helping the babies open theirs, I felt blessed. Now I know what family looks like, what it feels like, more then ever before.
Yaida's Christmas could have been so different. The thought of all the orphans, the poor who would spend their day cultivating as if it were a day like no other sobered my day. When merry Christmas is really not so merry... Yaida, she blesses us so much with her joy, the thought of her by herself in the orphanage chokes me up. Thank you Lord for bringing her into our family!
Jasmin loved opening presents, as we cheered her on she would dance for us before ripping the paper!
Nani and Zoey had asked for a kitten in a box with a bow on it... and so it happened to their great surprise and excitement. It is the cutest little thing ever the name is still being discussed.

One of Travis' presents was TACO BELL items... Here he is on Cloud 9! He believes in heaven again! Thanks Aaron and Kendra, you made his day!
Thank you to everyone who has sent Christmas greetings our way and blessings in various ways! At noght we hosted a hug christmas party. With about 50 people showing up in our way to small house we had lots of fun, played games and ate wonderful food. We even had turkey and stuffing. I made a waldorf salad (an expensive treat here, thanks to all who sent us Walnuts!) and tripple fudge chocolate cake (thanks Steph!) with loads of garlic bread, yummie tea's (thank you Mirjam!) and gooedies for the kids (thanks Aaron and Kendra). Everyone seemed to have brought and shared their best kept recipe's and western goodies. It was a great time. To know that home is where your heart is and to see this in action is powerful. Here we were a load of people without family, but with new found life long friends that made Christmas a special experience.


Jeannette said...

what a wonderful christmas!
And your cat is just like mine!
But he is very big! "Mister Tom" but I call him tomtom.

mam said...

That's a big surprise, where did you get this kitty?
Finding a name for her/him... maybe
Tiger or Minet, Poekie or Luca (vernoemd naar Lucas waar het Kerstevangelie staat).
Veel plezier met het beestje.

Kendra said...

It was Aaron's idea to send the Taco Bell stuff...I love the pic!

Anonymous said...

I miss you guys, thats all I gots to say. Much love from the homefront! -Tim and Crystal Reed