Monday, June 11, 2007

Discipleship Training School in Rwanda

Didier, Jessica, Florah, Elis, Noel (from top row, left to right)
Chantel, Eric, me, Peter, Kim
Fufo, ?, Alfred

15 hours of teaching on one subject may get long, winded and boring. But when God shows up..... Wow!
My friend Elis from Brasil asked me to teach on the character and nature of God for a whole week in the Discipleship training school (DTS) from Youth with a mission (YWAM). This is the school and organization that the Lord used to get Trav and I together and where both of us were truly "baptized" into missions.
The class of 10 students, 6 Rwandese, one Burundian, A Korean, and two north americans were just wonderful. They desired to learn and "ate" up the words I spoke.
On Friday after the last teaching session we had a time of ministry. And wow! God showed up. The Lord touched some of the young orphaned girls and revealed himself to them, causing them to go from tears and screams of pain to dancing through the classroom with joy! A young man had lost his father during the war and the Lord revealed His father heart to him. Wow. What was to happen in 10 minutes lasted 2 hours. The Lord did amazing things. I love it when he shows up.
Please pray for this class. Many of them have been through severe trauma's in their lives, yet they survived and are now desperate for the Lord. They are an amazing class. I am looking forward to August when I get to be with them and teach them again. Pray that in the eman time the Lord will reveal himself more and more to them.


Anonymous said...

Oh Yes my friend. This is where I see you when I pray!!!! I am so excited to see you doing what the Lord has shown me for a year or more! I can't even tell you how familiar these pictures seem to me! Praise God for all He does through you!
Love and many prayers,
Michelle Corbin

mam said...

Indeed: wow! Great to see that God uses the Sozo part of your ministry in a very special way.
Love you all.