Thursday, June 29, 2006

Missionary Kids or Missionaries

Missionary Kids or Missionaries

When the Lord called Astrid and I to go back to Africa, I was very concerned for my, at that time, two girls.

Nani and Zoey were and are the most precious things to me. I told the Lord that I didn’t want to be dragging my Children all over Africa, as a 5th wheel on a wagon, as we would do the ministry he was calling us to.

My desire is to have my children be missionaries, not just missionary kids. I have seen and heard of to many families where the children were treated as missionary kids, or MK’s as they call themselves, with a bitter sweet sound to it. Many of them resent their parents, others have walked away from God and the church. I am sorry God but I don’t want to sign my children up for that sort of life. We asked the Lord to help us to prepare our girls for this type of life. We told him that he would have to get them ready just as he was getting us ready, because we did not know how to prepare them for what was ahead. So we prayed and prayed “Lord, prepare our children”.

On Nov.8 2003 I was sitting on our couch in the living room having my morning devotions, when Nani (my 4 year old) woke up and came to me. She climbed up on top of me and laid on my chest. We then began to talk and cuddle. I asked her if she had a good sleep and she said “yes”. Then with much excitement continued to tell me about her encounter with Jesus. She said “Daddy Jesus wants to go with us to Africa and be by us, and behind us. He took me there (Africa) in his purple car with cats on it. We saw hippo’s, giraffes, lion’s, rhino’s, and I saw some little black children, so I walked up and said hi I’m Nani…”
She then said “we are suppose to leave this house for some one else and take our stuff to our Africa house”
What she did not know was that at that time Astrid and I were really praying about what to do with our house. Shocked and surprised I asked her; “Is that what Jesus said?” She said “Ya I guess he did…” All I could do was weep and thank God for visiting my children and speaking with them, preparing them. This was not the only time, we began to see God really prepare our girls’ hearts and speak to them through dreams during the next two years. We kept praising him as he was truly preparing these little ones for a life of service to him.

Now here we are in the thick of it as you could say. What an answer to prayer as our girls have really taken the challenge. They lay hands on people and pray for God to heal them and set them free.
They have told us that every time we go out in to the village they want to go…

They are real missionaries as you can see in the photo’s; they love to pray for people and most of all they love to get muddy as we help to build houses for the widows, orphans, and poorest of the poor.

Thank you God for being such a wonderful God, my girls are real missionaries and I owe it all to You.

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karen said...

I am so moved by reading this Travis.....and so proud of you for your obedience and faith along the way.
Thanks for sharing what's going on and especially the pictures of the girls. Yes, I love seeing you and Astrid but I REALLY love seeing the girls!
Summer's here and I'm loving it....