Saturday, May 31, 2008

San Francisco

Meet: Daniel and Corrie, board members of Sozo Ministries Africa, and very dear friends that also served in Rwanda 3 years ago. Now they live in San Francisco, we drove down to stay with them.
Being with them makes us realize how much we have missed them these last years!
San Francisco traffic.

The famous Market trains down town San Fran.

Water front with the piers.

We are enjoying ourselves, time is flying for sure!

Funny San Fran story:
Travis and I decided to walk down town, enjoying walking without strollers to push and children's hand to hold. This being our first time in San Fran we used a city map to find our way around. Instead of wondering about safe and unsafe neighborhoods, we just took the shortest road and enjoyed all we saw around.
Sure enough while walking on Eddy we looked around and realized we enjoyed the people around us and were drawn to conversations with them. We stated to each other how we could enjoy living in a city like this, how we enjoyed the street life around us and how the people were fun and different.
It took a while before realizing that we had been the only white people around....
Later we heard that this was the tenderloin district, the area most whites will ignore and walk around..... the area where we felt at home... hmmm... what's up with that!


Anonymous said...

Wow, wat een foto's opeens. Leuk hoor. Fijn weekend gehad zonder kids? Liefs van mij,

The Simple Shepherdess said...

Astrid, you made me smile.

My friend who has just returned from living in Africa is having a hard time with not seeing much dark skin since she's been home.

Cracks me up and warms my heart!