Sunday, April 27, 2008

The switch

Just the though of it used to give me chills down my spine, while a fear of losing controll would come over me. But here I am today finding that it really is not that bad after all. Furlough... no it did not come with a well organized and planned itinerary nor with plenty of time to pack and prepare. In retroperspective this may have been the better way.
The thought of choice and wealth, being respected and in comfort, which all has been so foreign for 3 years, scared me, as I feared to be overwhelmed and nothing but an emotional mess upon receiving it.

Yaida and Jasmin enjoying a nice meal

It has been a little more than 3 weeks that I have been bathing in a structural culture, with clear cultural do's and don'ts that are all to familiar to me. Where healthy meals come out of can's and freezers and juices are vitamin C enriched. Where I can do the wash, dry cloths, do my dishes and download emails all at the same time. Where people are so respectful that they do not yell Halelujah during the church service afraid for the opinion of their more respectful, conservative neighbor.
Where I can speak freely and my thoughts may be heard.
A place so different than my home.
A people so truthful and opinionated that it makes me speechless.
here there are no poor, no needy as I know from my current home country.
Yet people complain about the tile in the sidewalk that sticks up a bit and might be a potential trip hazard.

Both have been my homeland. Both are nations I love, both have people I love. Yet... the two have absolutely nothing in common. No similarities, except this one thing...
It's people are looking for love, acceptance, security. In both nations people are crying out for a mighty move of Jesus in their land. For Him to restore it's people and for His glory to be poured out.

The switch, that is how this feels, the quick switching from one nation to another, which such extreme differences. Yes, i was overwhelmed with the overstimulis of choice and ease to comfort. But looking at it from kingdom perspective I see a people hungry for Truth and Love to enter their life, their nation. So really, it is all the same on the bottom line.
My work did not stop when entering the plane departing Rwanda, to reflect Christ is a life-style. It means being on call 24/7. Switching is no longer nessecary, we all need Jesus, we all need Love and Truth.

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Anonymous said...

hey lieve astrid,

heb ik het gewoon helemaal gemist, jullie aanwezigheid in hollanda, dit spijt me echt!!!
te druk met mn eigen ding, maar zeker geen excuus.
ik hoop dat jullie een goede tijd hier hebben gehad en nu hebben in de states.
dat jullie even helemaal mogen bijtanken van al het harde werken!!

Gods zegen voor een ieder van jullie!! (wow dat klinkt christelijk :) maar meen t wel ha)

knuffel debbie (barbie)