Saturday, December 29, 2007

An Unforgettable Christmas... continued.

After much more singing and dancing a buffet was ready for the children. Fish, French Fries, Meat, vegetables, soup and soda's as much as they wanted! These children of the King ate a royal meal! Just as they deserve!

The children had no space in their tummies left, they all ate so much. Tired but happy they waved goodbye as the bus brought them back to Rwaza. They sang all the way home:"Come to Rwaza and see, see the good things that are happening to us, come...."

Still hearing their shouts of joy, their laughter and songs in my head we drove back home also. It has been a a very long, but unforgettable day!

Those who have bought SoZo Bags; this party was made possible because of you! Thank You!

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