Monday, September 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Nani!

Yes it is a cliche; they are growing up too fast! But you know, though a cliche, it rings complete truth to me! It truly is amazing, the first words, first steps, first day of school, first loose tooth... Yet it seems there is one thing that remains the same through it all. The day she was born an overwhelming feeling of responsability overtook me, knowing this was my flesh and blood, this tiny baby overwhelmed me with her presence. This feeling of responsability has never left me, not a single minute. As I watch my Nani blow out 8 candles I am all to aware of this protective, responsability emotion and again I feel it overtakes me.

Nani's birthday party was fun. Pizza, play and movie. I just cannot help but to enjoy the colorful display of children in this photo. The nationalities in this photo: South-African, Ugandan, American, Dutch, Russian, U.K. (England) and Rwandan.
The set up of a little home-movie-theathre was a big succes. 5 girls spend the night after watching 2 movies and having loads of candy, surpsingly they all slept by 10.30 pm and didn't come out of bed until 7 am. The next morning, American pancakes and home made syrup for breakfast!
Happy Birthday Nani!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations dear Nani!! You've had a big party, wow! Big hugs from all for of us, love Sjoerd, Wendy, David & Saranne

mam said...

Happy birthday, Nani Grace! Yes I remember too how tiny you were when you was 10 days old and we came to visit you in the Shimba Hills bush bush in Kenya. I like to see all your friends, coming to celebrate your birthday. I am sure that you all had a lot of fun.
Love you all.