Thursday, November 16, 2006

More beautiful than gold!

My precious baby. Isn't she just beautiful? Yaida is the littlelest clown I've ever known. She just has the ability to make me laugh so hard even when I am stuck in an attitude of frustration or bitterness. She just walks up to me and with her big joyful eyes gets my attention and makes the funniest faces you have ever seen a child make. What a girl!

A little while ago someone asked me; how can you do this, two babies, four kids total, you are missionaries, living by faith. How will you provide for an extra child, what about her study her medical care. Wasn't she better off in the orphanage?
Though such a statement makes me sad and helps me understand the speaker of such things has no idea what life as an orphan in an orphange is like, I could see the point. There is something to say for that and sometimes these same thoughts come to my mind.
Remember her name? Remember YAH-IDEA... (Gods idea)... hmmmmm. Often I am reminded by God that this was His plan, His idea, not so much my own.
Do you know the biblical story of the disciples passing a beggar. He asked for money but their reply was; Silver and gold I do not have, but what I have I give you. And the man was healed. He was restored, no longer needing to beg.

People take out a loan and buy big SUV's and nice equipment all the time. The value of their product decreases. Maybe at some point we will have to get a loan to pay for the schooling of our kids, but you know what? My value increases!!!

My precious baby Yaida, she is so valuable. This baby girl is more to us than anything we can ever obtain or strive for. She truly is YAH-IDEA. An amazing one, I must say!


Eric & Kyla said...

She's so cute!! I wish I too could be blessed by a hug from her! I can relate to the part about being in a grumpy mood and the kids bringing a smile to your moment! Love it! Our kids are more precious than gold! Love you, Yaida! True Joy!

Kendra said...

She's adorable! I can't believe someone would even question whether she might be better in an orphanage...they obviously haven't visited too many orphanages!
It's amazing that God put Yaida with your family--her life is going to be so blessed!

Jeannette said...

Wat een droppie!
Geweldig toch zo'n kind,

Anonymous said...

You are such a proud Mamma! Yaida looks like she fits into your family, you are all a bunch of goof-balls at heart. Kiss all the kids for me!
Love Michelle

Sue B said...

Astrid--- how wonderful--- that precious little joy! She is such a sweetheart. I pray that God will continue to bless your family in a way that everyone will just amazed!
Love to all
Sue B

The Haines Family said...

What a sweet girl! How like God to have such an idea. We all need to remember that many things are 'God's idea', but are we listening to Him and following through, like you and Travis? May God continue to increase your joy!
Love to all,

Anonymous said...

Lieve As,

De ware moeder spreekt! Jullie hart stroomt over met liefde voor haar en de andere meiden, en ik ben trots op je als ik lees hoe je nu met tegenslagen/hazzles omgaat. En de ogen van Yaida... om in te verdrinken!
Geef al je meiden een dikke knuf van ons, they're all so precious!
Liefs Wen

Anonymous said...

I am so lovin those pics! She is stinkin adorable! I miss holding Jasmine and Yaida, and hugging Zoey and Nani...What a blessing they are to all of us and you are to them. Let's see, a new cadilac escalade or Yaida...hmmmmmmm...